Why partner with Vivekam? You might consider Vivekam if you are: 


A founder, executive or manager seeking to refine your communication and presence, improve your professional standing, expand stamina, minimize burnout, and deepen self-understanding. This, in turn will boost effectiveness and your ability to work and relate from your essence


A professional or student aspiring to strategy consulting, build your toolkit for professional presence, and/or, contemplating a professional transition


An organization looking to (a) elevate the effectiveness of culture and structure, (b) enhance talent management & execution, (c) stand up a rigorous & resilient performance evaluation system, (d) deliver and measure business-wide transformation for which a shift in mindsets & behaviors are critical


An organization looking to build skills of the consulting toolkit for your professionals. Skills include top-down communication, managing difficult conversations, and structured problem solving  


Someone interested in becoming more embodied through yoga and somatic practices to feel more comfortable, safe, and free in your body


What outcomes does Vivekam aim to deliver?


relational intelligence

*Enhanced understanding of one's impact on others and the results they are trying to achieve

*Increased awareness and self-management of limiting behaviors

*More clear and centered self-expression and improved relating to others (e.g., recognizing disagreement, adapting language and tone that meets the moment, kinder email communication)

*Elevated cognitive flexibility, curiosity, and interest in divergent perspectives


self & body intelligence

*Development of a "felt sense" capacity by enhancing embodiment (body awareness) to support self regulation and understanding the feelings of others 

*Integration of breathing practices into day-to-day activities to manage emotional responses, increase energy, and promote nervous system health

*Increased mobility to expand range in the body and prevent injury (important for stamina and longevity)